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Black Opal

The famous black opal from Lightning Ridge NSW Australia a mining town around 9 hrs from Sydney.

Lightning Ridge attracts around 80,000 tourists a year and in July hosts a gem shows that attracts miners, jewellers, buyers and sellers.

The black opal is called black by the darkness it has when you turn and look at the back of the stone, the darker the more valuable the lighter we call semi black opal, see our colour chart when buying. The brightness, colour pattern and weight also count for the price up to $5,000 AUD per carat for the best.

Black Opal

Black Opal from Lightning ridge Australia Famous for being the most expensive and rare opal in ..

$1,790.00 Ex Tax: $1,790.00

Black Opal

Black Opal from Lighting Ridge Australia Very bright colours and amazing colour pattern put on ..

$1,100.00 Ex Tax: $1,100.00

Black Opal Gem

Super high quality Black Opal from Lightning Ridge Australia the most expensive opal in the world so..

$2,900.00 Ex Tax: $2,900.00

Black Opal Gems

Solid Black Opal Gem from Lightning Ridge Australia ,the most rare and most expensive in the worldFo..

$339.00 Ex Tax: $339.00

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